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I may wear rose-colored glasses sometimes, but I regularly peek out to see the real world.

I was Born in Delaware, raised in Maryland, stint in Upstate New York and now I dwell in Georgia… Even though I’d like to move to another state, I’ll settle for a bigger place for my children and myself. I’m the mom of four boisterous children ages 7, 9, 10 and 23 – Anna, Amareah, Andre and Amber, respectively. I’m also Gigi to the cutest almost 2-year-old, Autumn, who is the most rambunctious child I know.

It was sometime in the 1970s when I started writing. Probably 1976 at about 8 years old. I’d write stories, conversations, whatever came to my young mind – I just loved to write. In 1978 my brother gave me my first journal and I haven’t stopped writing – or journaling – since then. I began professionally after I was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force in 1992. Although I’d had some poetry published it wasn’t until I began writing for a college publication and began working part-time at the local daily newspaper that I knew I was a professional writer. Actually I used the title Journalist then because I soon earned my degree and worked at a newspaper.

My title quickly changed to assistant editor when I began working at a weekly newspaper, years ago, for a company that also published a monthly news magazine and a quarterly business magazine. When I wasn’t writing and editing for the newspaper I was contributing to the other magazines. And I still loved every minute of the work.

My last full-time title was associate editor and it encompassed everything from editing and writing to working with columnists and photographers as well as maintaining the editorial budget and managing communication between departments. All of those skills I used in my own business: I had been freelancing for years under my company Express Editing & Writing Services.

Freelancing magazines continued until 2007 where I (sorta begrudgingly) began blogging. I fell in love with it right away. Not only was I writing, but I also had the opportunity to interact with so many wonderful bloggers. I’m still at it, as you can see, but there are other things going on in the background: I have finished one children’s book that I need to get published along with other ideas for a series, and my novel is about 65 percent complete and I hope a publisher is in my near future.

While you’re here, I hope you enjoy all of my posts and continue to come back for more. I intend to write about my writing life, which I need to do  more of, and compose reviews about books and products that I believe will interest you along with the ins and outs of my parenting and my health.

About the blog


WordPress is my new home for blogging. It was early June 2014 when I made the switch from Blogger. In 2007, I started a blog called Single & Celibate, which still hoovers in the World Wide Web and is occasionally viewed by passersby. That blog, which I don’t update, became a little too focused on the one subject so I started PetulaW.com and called it It’s a woman’s world. In that world I blogged about a good number of topics of interest to women: health, parenting, book and product reviews with a touch of this and that.

Here, at Petula Writes, the content will be similar, but the focus should eventually transform into all things writing. Right now it’s about me and writing, but soon (keeping my fingers crossed) I’ll be able to separate the two in a way that totally encompasses what and who Petula (that’s me) is as a writer.
Let me know how I’m doing thus far – honest, constructive feedback welcome – or ask me a question or two that I didn’t answer here. Thank you for visiting.

This is what you get when you say, "Be creative."

This is what you get when you say, “Be creative.”




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